About XCapBatteries


If silent floating on the water is your wish, then all above-mentioned characteristics of LFP come to your help.

One 24V/100Ah battery propels your boat all day long, supplies enough electricity during the nights and lasts ‘forever’.........


In the air

An electric drivetrain requires a lot of current. A LFP battery can supply ample power. XCap produces batteries up to 164V and 100Ah. That is 6 days in a golfcart or 160 km in a modern lightweight car.(@ 200Wh/km)

You can store energy from the sun or the wind in your off-grid house or in your camper. Then it is good to know that:
Charging efficiency is 98%, compared to 70% for lead.
Selfdischarge is 2%/month, compared to 20% for lead
LFP is really free of any form of maintenance.

On the ground                             

  1. Safety is by far the most important requirement in the air. LFP is by far the safest chemistry, safer than conventional lead (SLA) or nickel-based batteries.

  2. Weight too counts in aviation. One XCap instrument battery can carry 4 times more useful energy and has half the weight of comparable conventional ones.

On the water

XCapBatteries develops, produces and sells batteries for any thinkable application.

You make the specifications, we make the battery. Everything inside and around the battery can be customized. Based on LFP (LiFePO4)technology, XCap batteries cover all your needs or wishes, wherever you are.............